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DM3 suported Models
« on: April 05, 2010, 06:42:08 pm »
[align=center][align=center] It doesn’t matter if your handset is one of the latest or one of the first on the market. Our technology unlocks them all. This covers even the famous Nokia N95-8GB,nokia 5310, 6500-slide and 6120-classic.  BB5 new SIM Lock
5310 (RM-303 V58.58 ALL NETWORKS )
6500c (RM-265 V59.45 ALL NETWORKS )
6500s (RM-240 V59.60 ALL NETWORKS )
DCT4+ new SIM Lock ( nokia 1661 /1202 /5030 )
NOKIA N-97 including mini / 2700c ALL FIRMWARES SUPPORTED

Nokia 2700
Nokia 2730
Nokia 3600 SL3
Nokia 3710
Nokia 3720
Nokia 5130 SL3
Nokia 5220 SL3
Nokia 5230
Nokia 5310 SL3
Nokia 5530
Nokia 5730
Nokia 5800 SL3
Nokia 6303
Nokia 6300 SL3
Nokia 6500c SL3
Nokia 6500s SL3
Nokia 6600i
Nokia 6760
Nokia 6790
Nokia N86
Nokia N97
Nokia N97
 mini [/align][/align]
We have access to the ONLY system in the world that can directly unlock the FULL and COMPLETE range of high security Nokia BB5 phones.

The DM3 service has taken the world by storm. There is nothing else like it in the world. Up until very recently Nokia BB5 handset’s could not be unlocked by any 3rd party company. Even to this day some of the very newest models still cannot be unlocked by any other company .

But now, with the release of the CLONED DM3 TOOL in the Philippines, GSMminds team have confirmed their place in history as the first  ‘Philippines’ service centre for the CLONED DM3 TOOL.

As you may or may not know, GSMminds are now the longest running company in the Philippines to offer Mobile Phone Unlocking since we launched the service back in the mid 90’s. We have the ability to unlock the majority of handsets in our head office while you wait. Some of our current clients include Vodafone, O2, Meteor,  and the Carphone Warehouse retail outlets to name but a few. We also develop unlocking & service software for the industry.
Want to become our Distributors?

We’re looking for people to represent us in countries that we do not yet cover with our service.

Please contact us, if you are interested in cooperating with us.

For product quotes or PRICING : ICQ:466164430 | | sales[at]gsmminds[dot]com

For inquiries regarding our service | | support[at]gsmminds[dot]com

Online Support: | |

DM3 Team, proud to be a member of GSM POWER by  *~Kamran Saleem~* since Apr 2010.

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RE: DM3 suported Models
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2010, 09:54:07 am »
It is good to know that DM3 supported Models include many new and also old models. So, it is helpful for all the people. All the people are getting their phones unlocked regardless of their Manufacturer and models. I greatly appreciates the efforts made by the people here.